A little bit different…

Today I spoke with you, the person closest to my heart. I missed you so much. It feels like forever since you’ve been gone. In reality it’s only been a year. My heart wants to spill every thought and every fear like a river that will engulf you but the time isn’t now. I pray your head stays as clear as it was today. You sounded like your old self. Like the person I knew and loved and who was my best friend and my soul mate. You joked in the way that only you can do even at the worst of times. I wanted to talk forever. To catch all the time we lost and put it back. I wanted to tell you how sorry I truly was. How many mistakes I have made and how if I could I would put all of them right. And a part of me felt that just a piece of you was gone. You’d lost it in this downfall and it won’t ever be returned to you. You are different now. You’ve made choices that sadden me beyond belief. You’ve burnt bridges that can’t ever be rebuilt. You’ve lost faith in yourself. I’ve learned through this journey of watching you turn to something you swore and promised you would never touch again that to hold your tongue and say nothing is the destruction of all words. All promises. We are only who we are in any given moment. We owe it to ourselves and to the world to say the things that we know should be said even if they are hard. I’ve learned you have to be honest. And I’ve learned that youth is wasted on the young. I wish I had seen clearly when I was young, I wish I had wanted to listen to my head and not my heart. I wish I had made the choices that were hard but for the best. Through all of this we have stood the test of time. The test of years and broken hearts. The test of change and the test of staying the same. I hope you come back to us changed and ever as you were. As the person I met and fell in love with. I hope you come back wiser and more peaceful. I hope you come back with your eyes open.


I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of getting sick or dying. I’m not even afraid of the whole world coming to a halt. I’m afraid of regret. I’m afraid of not working hard enough or living up to what I could be. I’m afraid of never undoing the knot that has balled up inside of me my whole life.

I’m afraid of the things I have control over not the things I don’t. Fear is easy. It’s figuring the way out of fear that is hard and I commend everyone regardless of what they are afraid of today for the strength it takes to keep going.

I don’t believe everything will be fine in the world and I do not believe in telling people it will be fine. I do believe in faith though. Faith is bigger than being fine. Gratitude for what you have is bigger than being fine.

Everything Sucks, Some of the time

Recently, I’ve had kind of a break down. A break down of life and thought and humanity. It sounds dramatic but it’s far more mundane. I think most people would call it depression and maybe it is labeled as such but to me labeling things ‘depression’ takes away from the true gravity that a person feels about life. I’ve thought a lot about how we spend our lives. How we’re spending the worlds life, because everything has a life and it has a death including the planet. I’m currently in the process of “trying to find a new job”. I have no idea what I want to do. I have no idea what my life’s purpose is. And I think that that has always hung me up. “Life’s Purpose”. What is a purpose. Why can’t I seem to find mine like everyone else has. Everyone else seems to have one and if they don’t they don’t seem bothered by the every day complacency and mundane life of paying bills and dying. I just don’t think I can life another 30 years this way. I don’t think I can go on like this. I feel like it’s death but instead of dying I just suffocate slowly watching time run out. Time. The only thing you can’t buy, you can’t replace and they don’t make more of it. So I don’t think I have a life’s purpose but I do have time and that’s all I have. So what do I want to do with my time because it’s definitely not what I’ve been doing. I don’t want to spend my whole life wasted doing nothing, being nothing and going nowhere. What matters? What doesn’t matter? Why not be myself unapologetically all the time. I think about what people will say about me when I die. What people will say about anyone. All these instagram idols we have, all these celebrities and politicians. Do you really want to be remembered as the person who just went to the gym every day? As the person who had 3 million followers. I guess I don’t think most of us are spending our time wisely but then again what do I know, clearly not much since I’m equally as stuck in the rat race.

Everything’s Eventual

I want to say thank you. Thank you to the universe for giving me these opportunities that I am finally seeing are what I have been searching for all along. As part of my commitment setting for this year I told myself I would journal my gratitudes and my intentions every single day. I don’t always know how I will get to the finished picture but I am thankful that the universe provides me a way, if I am trusting. It has taken me my whole life to get to this point. A point in which I finally feel like I am finding my purpose, my place and my tribe. A point in which I finally feel like I am making a home for myself both inside and out. And I am proud. I also want to thank the people in my life who have helped me get here. Some of them are no longer with me and some of them I will meet someday but I am so thankful, even if I cannot see the point in all the pain and wrong turns I made I know that they brought me here and I am truly humbled, for the first time in my life. This year holds so much promise that I have not ever felt before or strived to attain. I hope that this promise can be felt by everyone even in small ways. So thank you to everyone for continuing to try and figure it out every day. I know that sometimes that is the biggest struggle we face but do not judge yourselves or others. Everything’s Eventual…if you keep going.

Something About Nothing

This week I feel as if I have nothing to write about. There are no deep pains I have to get off my chest, no truths to uncover. I always ask myself what is the point of writing if it’s not going to be great. In fact what is the point of you doing anything if it is not the best. I’ve struggled with this notion throughout my life and I feel have quit many things I loved because I didn’t understand I could do them simply just to do enjoy them. I didn’t have to care about rank or what the finished product was or even, what people thought of it. I made a commitment to myself to do something, in this case write and even if I write about nothing for sixty straight weeks it’s the commitment to that nothing that counts.