Trust and Knowing

Had the odd experience this week of being completely blindsided by someone I thought I knew really well, which got me thinking-do we ever really know anyone. Of course, people have shocked, hurt, surprised me before but rarely has it been someone I’ve known almost all of my adult life. This is in part due to the fact that I rarely let anyone into my closest circle. I think it’s the most jarring experience of being human…never fully knowing what someone is thinking and if the reality they are portraying is, in fact, the reality they live. Having no expectations and understanding that investment is transmutable, it’s not fixed and the outcome will never be certain is all we can really do. No doubt, no judgements, no fear. You can’t ever know someone fully, we all have pieces we keep to ourselves and even when you think that person would never do you like that, or never not come to you I can guarantee that you will be disappointed and proven wrong 100% of the time.

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