Finding your passion

This has been one of the most complex topics that I have dealt with, not only from childhood but also in my adult life. I have passions that I can define and that have gone with me throughout all my endeavours but learning to trust those passions and maybe even invest in my passion has been another story. One of my favorite phrases is “transferring your passion to your job is easier than finding a job that fit’s your passion”. This is a hard truth for me to deal with. I am by nature a very black and white type person. By this I mean, if I’m not interested in it I won’t try. School proved to be learning lesson (in more ways than one) for me because if I wanted to graduate I had to invest, regardless of if it inspired me or not.

I think there is a fine line between searching for the perfect job/career, of which there is none and finding something that fits you overall, maybe not perfectly but doesn’t make you dread your work day in and day out. That is the quest that most of us are on and furthermore to find if our passion can be our jobs or if they are just in fact, passions.


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