Rejection is Fuel

I think one of best things I’ve learned is that rejection is a great foundation for change. Whether it’s a job or a person, being told no for whatever reason can either light a spark and kick you into a state of change or it can cripple you. Something I am continually teaching myself is to seek out rejection. Apply for the job that you want even if you’re not fully qualified, ask a CEO or idol for advice or that random guy/girl you like out on a date.  Look for ways to be told no-it makes you stronger than you think. Rejection can even be more abstract such as not being as successful or “popular” as you hoped but working harder none the less. We are constantly looking for yes’s, acceptance and to avoid being told no. I think this lack of tolerance for failure is what brings so many people down and I myself have struggled and fallen victim to this mentally as well. The no’s are what should fuel you just as much as the yes’s.

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