Stop and Think

I think one of the hardest parts about changing our behavior is being able to stop ourselves from whatever thought pattern or behavior we are engaging in while we are in the middle of it. Taking a deep breath and saying I don’t want to continue this, or why am I feeling this way, what am I doing and how do I shift gears is really the heart of the matter and the most challenging aspect of transforming the mind. I think there is this hope or idea that we do this once and that’s it, we’re done the problem is solved, we’ve put in the effort and shouldn’t have to deal with the feelings or thoughts anymore. The continual grind of checking in, slowing down and noticing our mental roadblocks is exhausting! And it’s never not going to be exhausting. Determination over motivation and learning the dedication and muscle (yes our mind is like a muslce) strength that it takes to change our thoughts is the only way to succeed.

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